The ‘Second Shooter’ Role On Your Wedding Day

What is the role of the second shooter at your wedding? How can they make your wedding photographs even better? Why is it a good idea to have multiple photographers snapping your big day?

Many clients need or desire a second shooter for their wedding day – this can be for all kinds of reasons. Read below and see how the bonuses of a second shooter will be the perfect fit for you!

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Second Shooters Can Prevent Travel Hiccups

Second shooter photographers often bring their own cars, meaning both photographers will have their own transport, making it easier to transport the necessary equipment. This, most importantly, reduces the risk of your photographers missing any moments due to incidents, accidents or if their car breaks down.

It’s All A Matter Of A Second Perspective

A photography duo will do a photographic dance around you on your big day. Like a well-rehearsed routine; each photographer will be taking photos of you from different angles, views and perspectives. Whilst the main photographer focuses on capturing the ultimate profile photo, the second shooter can be playing with depths of field, light, perspectives and the in-between moments that would otherwise be missed if the main photographer is making adjustments or focusing on the more formal shots.

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You Best Back Those Photos Up

If the worst were to happen, that being, the main photographer loses your wedding photos (please read the blog post: backing up your wedding photos for peace of mind), a second photographer is a real-life backup system. Another example of this benefit is, if the main photographer’s camera malfunctioned half way through the confetti shot, the second shooter could still capture this moment.

Sometimes, variables such as damage to the camera or technical malfunctions can mean that your photos get lost before they can be backed up to a computer.
However, a second shooter will have his or her photos from the day and their equipment (should this happen halfway through your big day) meaning there is no loss of service and no tears.
There are legal reasons too: you always have backup.


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Two Places At Once

Another plus to using more than one photographer on your wedding day is that you have two sets of eyes. Say for instance, one photographer can be capturing the bride getting ready whilst the other can be photographing the groomsmen waiting before the ceremony. It is also a possibility that during a wedding day two things could happen at once and in different places and you’ll be thankful to have had both photographers there to snap it.


More Time To Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Finally, two photographers mean double the speed. Both photographers will know which photos need to be taken and how many. Meaning, we will snap you up in no time. Leaving you more time to reflect on the highly emotional event unfolding around you and leaving us more opportunity for capturing those raw, natural, incomparable moments that posing for the camera can’t replicate.

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